[REDACTED] is a Curve money lego which acts as a non-custodial, community-governed, and multi-chain reserve currency. REDACTED aims to earn a majority say in the gauge by offering a Olympus bonding system where users exchange tokens from the Curve ecosystem such as CRV, CVX, OHM and more and Curve LP tokens for a discounted $BTRFLY token. The strategies employed through bonding allow REDACTED to accumulate voting power in the Curve gauge and utilize that power to vote on the behalf of minters ensuring their interests are best represented in different DeFi gauges.
[REDACTED] DAO is complimentary subDAO for OlympusDAO which aims to extend OHMs influence to the greater DeFi ecosystem in efficient and sustainable manner without
making OlympusDAO stray away from its initial values
When interacting with [REDACTED], users will bond their governance tokens through metamorphosis and will receive an equivalent amount of discounted $BTRFLY. By locking up assets in our treasury, users are effectively taking them off the secondary market, decreasing the circulating supply available. In addition to the secondary market liquidity shortage, the tokens will also be used in various yield strategies to further grow the treasury, which ultimately increases the intrinsic value of $BTRFLY. This positive feedback loop creates a constant upward pressure on the fundamentals of the protocol, allowing for natural growth of the treasury.
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